Week Four And A Note About Future Posts

This will be a short(er) post, as in the middle of my second week of classes, I realized that I really didn’t have much to talk about. Understand that the purpose of this blog is to document my journey through this semester in a foreign land, charting the big landmarks along that journey. The particular angle I decided to tackle in particular was my emotional journey as this is my first time alone out of the country.

If what happens in a given week doesn’t particularly challenge me, immerse me in the culture, or even give me reprieve from homesickness, I don’t want to just ramble on every week. So Sometimes the posts will be short and sweet and sometimes there won’t be a post at all. As long as I have photos I will try to post something but worst case scenario, any small details I skip over in one week will be incorporated into the next week’s post.

All that being said, I can give a couple of notes on the goings on this week.

First, the biggest shocker. My budgeting was a HUGE success. I aimed to only spend 10,000 yen a week and I was able to last with that for about two weeks! If I can keep that up, I’ll be saving a ton of money this trip, but that depends on what merch I buy and what new hobbies I potentially pick up. Speaking of which…

I might be getting into Magic the Gathering? It’s a slim chance but hey, if I have the free time, why not get closer to the guys in my dorm who play it too. I’m either gonna stick with it and get super into it or I’m gonna lose a lot, get frustrated and never play it again. Last night I literally had a game where the whole time I was thinking “I don’t think I can commit my time to this.” Maybe I’ll be wrong.

The same night though I think I started to get a lot closer to the dudes in my dorm, though, cause we played Smash Brothers on the Switch and ranted about all kinds of junk. It’s the kind of night that I’m used to experiencing with my pals back home, so if I have more like that going forward, I’m gonna be really happy. It certainly was better than one of the ore official social gatherings the school ran.

A welcome party for new students? Free food? Group activities? The first two sound fun, though group activities always make me feel a little awkward. I had so much more fun talking with Japanese students after the activities were over than when we were participating in a scavenger hunt. Mainly because of the language barrier, but also because I probably missed some icebreakers on account of missing the first part of the party. Still, I got to meet a few new people that I was happy to talk to, so it was worth it.

All in all, this week was business as usual and flew by. That may sound boring but I take that to mean that I’m feeling at home, which is the best thing I could have hoped for.

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