Week 10 – A Pleasant Start to Summer

This had to have been the single greatest week so far, if only for the fact that the rather typical week of classes was bookended by some great stuff. Last weekend capped off with a viewing of Promare, the latest animated film by Studio Trigger, and I was amazed at the chance to see such a major animated film in Japan.

A few days after this is posted I will be putting up a post about my more detailed thoughts on the film on my other blog. Check it out if you are interested in animation at all. What I will say here is that the theater-going experience was fun and just like when I saw Endgame, I got a special collectible for the opening weekend. This time a dope little ID card of the main character.

Permeating the actual school week was a stronger sense of longing for home than I had felt previously. It wasn’t painful at all since I like it here and I like the people, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated when I was literally dreaming of returning home only to wake up halfway through the trip.

By the end of the week, me and the guys decided to have ourselves a movie night and partook in Japanese Dominoes, which is delicious. They wonder of trying fast food in the different countries and seeing what cool stuff the rest of the world gets always impresses me and makes me a bit jealous. Like some of this stuff borders on mad science.

As for the films, we watched John Wick and Kill Bill Vol. 1, the latter of which made us laugh quite a bit when a certain character had the audacity to say that learning Japanese was easy. Both films were, of course, great and needless to say, movie night will hopefully be a more regular thing.

The moment that I knew this week was perfect was the group BBQ. We took a small train ride to this incredible park, ate, drank, and blasted music while enjoying the scenery. I didn’t drink as much as the others, something that has been consistent since I got here, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t having a great time regardless. Those days when everything just seems to be consistently going right? This was that day.

Every weekend has a bit more weight to it now that I’m past the halfway point but I couldn’t be happier knowing I’ve made it this far. I plan on going to Tokyo next weekend, so expect that to be the majority of the focus next time around, but beyond that, it’s all up in the air.

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