Week 11 – I Didn’t Go To Tokyo

… Well, it ain’t like I ain’t going in the future. I’ve got like six weeks left and I guarantee I’ll find the time during one of them to take a nice day trip. As for why I didn’t take advantage of a free day to go and visit the biggest “no shit” tourist spot, it was mostly monetary.

Somehow after literally looking up prices for the bullet train a week or two ago, I managed to convince myself that the price was lower. Like, approximately 16 USD one way. In reality, It’s about 90-100 USD… one way. So It’s basically two times my weekly budget for food, plus whatever I end up spending in Tokyo since it would be a waste not to get some sort of souvenir.

Now I’m thinking I’ll put some money away on the side and save up so the cost isn’t as extravagant when I eventually go. Still, for the first time in a while, the budget really hit me in a nasty way and without a part-time job, I’m not exactly making that money back until I go back home and start working again.

But it wasn’t all for naught. I actually did way more this week than I initially thought I would, starting with a visit to a cat cafe…

Of course, I have pictures.

There are a lot of stray cats that wander around this town, but none of them are very affectionate. They’re all so skittish and I was really hoping this cat cafe would be my chance to fill the void until I go back to the US and take care of my cousin’s cats. Sadly these cats weren’t all that different, but I found some good ones in the bunch who were more than happy to let me take photos and get some petting in.

A solid hour of cat play and an underwhelming free beverage later, my monday was complete and so began the rest of the week. I don’t know if this is just a thing now or if I was just not in the right headspace, but I was just fed up with everything this week during classes. Like I’ve said in the past, the classes aren’t necessarily difficult but I don’t think it was quite due to my inability to explain myself as I talked about in week nine.

Likely, it was just an off day and the little tiny quirks of certain people and certain teachers were getting on my nerves. I really don’t want this to become a common occurrence, but we will see. I suppose I’ve just got to keep positive energy about things.

To help get my mind off of other stressors was a festival at Atsuta shrine, not too far from my dorm. I may have a new place I need to visit when I’m out walking and listening to music. If this shrine is half as beautiful as it is when it is decorated for a festival, it will make for a wonderful walk.

We walked about, ate Japanese festival food, watched fireworks, and then I retired early (or as early as I could manage). The local authorities were coordinating the traffic and crowds so meticulously you’d think there was a visit from royalty. With the early eruptions of fireworks, one could easily mistake the atmosphere for the aftermath of the bomb, if the happy faces and delicious food weren’t a factor.

Speaking of fireworks, the night ended with the whole crew gathered in Shirotori park to watch a whole bunch of them. It’s pretty easy to tell when the finale takes place in firework shows in the US, but these fireworks had like three finales and it was almost trying my patience. I say almost because the finale was pretty cool, even if it could have come much sooner.

The week concluded with another movie night, in which my friend made pancakes for us. Not the typical movie night food I know, but we didn’t want to spend money on pizza again and pancakes sounded really good since it’s been a while. In case you were wondering, we watched volume two of Kill Bill and were planning to watch John Wick Chapter 2.

Sadly our friends were a bit late and since they hadn’t seen John Wick 2, we held off until tonight, which at the time of writing I’m looking forward to. We did, however, decide to watch The Princess Bride because one of our friends hadn’t even heard of it. Not only did he get to enjoy it, but our Japanese friends who walked in later got to witness its beauty, which was humorous to witness.

I promise that within the last month and a half here I WILL go to Tokyo and I will take plenty of photos, but hey who can argue with cat photos right. This is the internet I know my audience.

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