Week 15 – The Last Big Assignment

You ever get to the end of a school term, look at all the things you need to get done and pinpoint the exact moment you can just relax. Typically the work will persist up until the very last moment but then you have those terms where things are going pretty smooth. It’s the moment you’ve got one last big project that’s kinda stressing you out, followed by the remainder of the term that’s a breeze. That’s what I’m dealing with now.

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Week Three – Classes Commence

The third week and only now have classes started. I was right about time zooming by though, cause it feels like only yesterday I was struggling to get my thoughts together for my last post by my self-imposed deadline. Regardless, I think this was a great start to a hopefully greater term. But before that, we should cover the most important bit of this week right out of the gate.

I said it on Instagram and I’ll say it here: you all knew this was coming. I was inevitably gonna post pictures of cherry blossoms and much like the beautiful pedals themselves, it’s time to make it rain!

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Week Two – Making Myself At Home

I’m torn, because on one hand this week made me seriously wish classes would just start already, but I suspect I will come to appreciate this extra week of light orientation before the real work begins. After my first week of emotion and shyness, yet optimisim, I had another full week ahead and plenty preying on my mind.

I wonder if my circumstances will “hit me” again like it did the first night I was here. Probably when my body realizes I’m not in this foreign land for the typical duration of a vacation and that it is essentially a new home for a while. Thank god I unpacked when I did, because it made getting cozy all the easier.

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