Week 15 – The Last Big Assignment

You ever get to the end of a school term, look at all the things you need to get done and pinpoint the exact moment you can just relax. Typically the work will persist up until the very last moment but then you have those terms where things are going pretty smooth. It’s the moment you’ve got one last big project that’s kinda stressing you out, followed by the remainder of the term that’s a breeze. That’s what I’m dealing with now.

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Week 13 – The Best Day Yet

Part of me feared that by the end of my trip, I would not have truly engaged with the people here. Even if I took the steps to talk with people from Japan more, how would I know when I really and truly had made a strong connection? Would it have been enough?

But, all tough things in life just need a big enough push to get through, and I’m happy to say that this week was the most engaged I have felt with this… incredible place. It all started with my Culture teacher, Masuda sensei.

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