Week 11 – I Didn’t Go To Tokyo

… Well, it ain’t like I ain’t going in the future. I’ve got like six weeks left and I guarantee I’ll find the time during one of them to take a nice day trip. As for why I didn’t take advantage of a free day to go and visit the biggest “no shit” tourist spot, it was mostly monetary.

Somehow after literally looking up prices for the bullet train a week or two ago, I managed to convince myself that the price was lower. Like, approximately 16 USD one way. In reality, It’s about 90-100 USD… one way. So It’s basically two times my weekly budget for food, plus whatever I end up spending in Tokyo since it would be a waste not to get some sort of souvenir.

Now I’m thinking I’ll put some money away on the side and save up so the cost isn’t as extravagant when I eventually go. Still, for the first time in a while, the budget really hit me in a nasty way and without a part-time job, I’m not exactly making that money back until I go back home and start working again.

But it wasn’t all for naught. I actually did way more this week than I initially thought I would, starting with a visit to a cat cafe…

Of course, I have pictures.

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