Week 16 – Making the Most of It

My friend Chris came to me this time around for one last get-together before I returned to America. It was a long and fun day bringing one of the last two weeks to a satisfying close and actually ended up being a lot more than initially planned (which is always a pleasant surprise). Ever since I first met up with Chris in Nakatsugawa, we talked about him visiting Nagoya, but now here we were, with me playing the tour guide.

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Week 14 – Okay, NOW I Went to Tokyo

I DID IT!!! I took the obligatory trip to Tokyo and it was pretty cool. I got to reunite with my friend Chris, with whom I last hung out with during Golden Week. To be honest this may have been the perfect day to go to Tokyo, at least for me.

It was a rainy day in Tokyo and while that may have deterred others it did little to deter me. I happen to love rain and while interacting with it tends to lead to some wet clothes and possibly a cold, it has only gotten more pleasant the older I get. However, while I do intend to share plenty of pictures of this trip, there is something more important I want to share about what this trip showed me.

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Week Two – Making Myself At Home

I’m torn, because on one hand this week made me seriously wish classes would just start already, but I suspect I will come to appreciate this extra week of light orientation before the real work begins. After my first week of emotion and shyness, yet optimisim, I had another full week ahead and plenty preying on my mind.

I wonder if my circumstances will “hit me” again like it did the first night I was here. Probably when my body realizes I’m not in this foreign land for the typical duration of a vacation and that it is essentially a new home for a while. Thank god I unpacked when I did, because it made getting cozy all the easier.

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