Week 16 – Making the Most of It

My friend Chris came to me this time around for one last get-together before I returned to America. It was a long and fun day bringing one of the last two weeks to a satisfying close and actually ended up being a lot more than initially planned (which is always a pleasant surprise). Ever since I first met up with Chris in Nakatsugawa, we talked about him visiting Nagoya, but now here we were, with me playing the tour guide.

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Week 14 – Okay, NOW I Went to Tokyo

I DID IT!!! I took the obligatory trip to Tokyo and it was pretty cool. I got to reunite with my friend Chris, with whom I last hung out with during Golden Week. To be honest this may have been the perfect day to go to Tokyo, at least for me.

It was a rainy day in Tokyo and while that may have deterred others it did little to deter me. I happen to love rain and while interacting with it tends to lead to some wet clothes and possibly a cold, it has only gotten more pleasant the older I get. However, while I do intend to share plenty of pictures of this trip, there is something more important I want to share about what this trip showed me.

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Week 10 – A Pleasant Start to Summer

This had to have been the single greatest week so far, if only for the fact that the rather typical week of classes was bookended by some great stuff. Last weekend capped off with a viewing of Promare, the latest animated film by Studio Trigger, and I was amazed at the chance to see such a major animated film in Japan.

A few days after this is posted I will be putting up a post about my more detailed thoughts on the film on my other blog. Check it out if you are interested in animation at all. What I will say here is that the theater-going experience was fun and just like when I saw Endgame, I got a special collectible for the opening weekend. This time a dope little ID card of the main character.

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Week Eight – The Coolest Freakin’ Field Trip

There is only one thing worth discussing this week and it was a group field trip to Mie province to stay overnight at an Onsen, or hot spring resort. We were to leave Thursday morning, spend the night and then get back Friday evening. Along the way, we would make stops at a shrine, a ninja museum, and even a cool little farm. It was delightful and I actually have way more photos than I have words to accompany them for once

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